Our History

Marc 1 Realty was founded in the 1970’s on the idea that a real estate firm is first and foremost a service company. Today, we are a top real estate company in North Carolina focusing on both excellent service and hometown values as we serve customers from the Lakes to the Mountains. With nearly 40 years of experience in the Lake Norman, Piedmont, and Charlotte Metro real estate markets and a strategic central location in Denver, Marc 1 Realty brings a depth of knowledge about the area and its transformative history to every customer experience.

Our Passion

Every staff member at Marc 1 Realty seeks to ensure that you receive a personable, hands on approach and our whole team is willing to roll up their sleeves and get into the trenches to help one another provide. Our goal, as a top real estate company in the Lake Norman area, is to take advantage of our diverse skill sets and technology to provide you excellent service.

Our Strategy

Why does Marc 1 spell its name with a “c” instead of a “k”? Because we prove every day WHO is the reason for our success… our client. We were founded with a focus on bringing a refreshingly different mindset to residential and commercial real estate. In order to help you “C” that difference we tangibly seek to provide service which includes:

  • Catering to Customers, Not Commissions
  • Cutting Edge Technology to Serve You Better
  • Caring, Considerate Professionals Focused on You
  • Cooperative, Collaborative Team Ready & Willing
  • Communications! Communications! Unlike Any Other Realtor.
  • Conveniently Accessible Agents… Any Time… Day or Night
  • Community Commitment… Comprehensive Negotiations
  • Clear, Concise Contracts
  • Care-free Closings

Serving customers from the Lakes to the Mountains and between… Whether you are looking for real estate in the Charlotte Metro area, Hickory Metro area or the Lake Norman area, call Marc 1 today!